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NEWS | 6 September

First female preacher at Oude Kerk - E-bikes coming to Amsterdam - Young heroes save two boys


A first in the Amsterdam Red Light District. The Oude Kerk in the heart of the famous area has appointed Jessa van der Vaart preacher. It’s the first time in its history that the oldest church in Amsterdam is led by a woman  The Oude Kerk can be visited daily as a museum and is popular among tourists. However not many people know you can attend a Protestant service on Sundays. And this Sunday, there will be a woman in the pulpit.


E-bikes coming to Amsterdam


Soon everybody can swerve through Amsterdam on an electric bike. Start-up Urbee is placing 300 E-bikes at various locations throughout the city. They hope to seriously reduce the use of cars. The dream: a carless city. The shared bikes are packed with technological gadgets. The lock, the battery are continuously in touch with HQ. As of November the E-bikes will be available throughout Amsterdam.


Young heroes save two boys


These two girls are genuine heroes. This Sunday they saved two boys. The boys were stuck on an island near IJburg beach. They had gone out sailing, but got stuck because they couldn’t swim. The girls saw them and raised the alarm. The rescue service freed the frozen boys.